Why contact Alton for musical theatre coaching?

Alton has a strong track record for teaching in a nurturing environment, enabling individuals to learn technique in singing and acting to reach success, whether the goal is to star on Broadway, TV, or Film, or simply land a great part in the school musical.

His highly successful audition preparation classes and workshops will help you reach your greatest potential to get great roles in school, community theatre productions and professional productions.

With Alton's one-to-one coaching, students have done well on American Idol, performed at beauty pageants, landed TV roles, joined professional theatre companies and performed on cruise lines.

Find out how to obtain your STAR QUALITY with the contact page or call Alton at (917) 886-2920 for more information.

Contact Alton for pageant audition preparations and more.
Private lessons are available all year.

10 Pack Lessons

Now offering 10 vocal, audition prep and acting lessons for the price of 8! In-person and skype lessons are available. Alton will schedule the appointments well in advance for your convenience.

To find out more, contact Alton.

Coaching via Skype

Students can now receive professional one-on-one musical theatre coaching from the convenience of their home via skype live video sessions.

For more information visit the skype lessons page.

Stage Experience

With a dedicated focus on performance technique, all voice and acting students participate in cabaret-type productions every six weeks during the school year.

Our local classes provide this valuable stage experience.
We believe that performing arts students must be given the opportunity to perform at frequent intervals in order to develop stage presence and confidence before audiences.

Former students have been accepted into performing arts programs at Carnegie-Mellon University, Oklahoma State University, Tisch School of the Arts (NY University), Boston Conservatory, and Vanderbilt School of Commercial Music.

Alton offers an array of classes for groups or one-on-one private instruction in voice, acting and piano for all ages and experience levels - from beginners to professionals.